Jim Infantino

Jim Infantino started playing folk music in the 80s in New York City before moving to Boston. He got to know Dave Van Ronk as part of the NYC songwriter scene, then the Naked City Coffeehouse and Nameless Coffeehouse scene in Boston while busking in the T stations.

He later teamed up with End Construction, Toured with Dar Williams on her first venture into America, played shows with Chris Chandler, Catie Curtis, Mike West, and others, before forming the band Jim's Big Ego in 1996. As leader of Jim's Big Ego, he has continued to tour, appeared on All Things Considered and Weekend Edition on NPR, and produced recordings by David Wilcox and Dave Crossland. Jim's Big Ego has released 7 CDs to add to Jim's 2 solo CDs. He currently lives and writes tunes in Boston.

updated: 7 years ago