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Live at Club Passim - 2/24/13 @ 5pm

cover of Live at Club Passim - 2/24/13 @ 5pm

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released 2013

Brian Doser, Jim Infantino, Ellis Paul, Jon Svetkey

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The official bootleg of the 5:00 p.m. "Show Of Support For Stuart Ferguson" at Club Passim on Sunday, February 24, 2013. ALL of the proceeds from this recording benefit the Ferguson Family Fund.

Here are the tracks:

Robert Haigh's Introduction

Reeling Down A Road

Sometime I Have To Cry Out Loud

Rose Tattoo

The Jumblies


Rockin' Robin

Woody Guthrie, Working Man

Ernie and Elvis

Holding Me Down

Road's End

God's Plan

Dead End Street

I'm Sorry That I'm Not Sorry

Chasing Beauty

In My Cult

Paul McCartney Got It Right

Baby Comes Back

Empire State


Dogs Run Free

Everybody Gets The Blues

Brian Doser - Guitar, vocals
Jim Infantino - Guitar, vocals
Ellis Paul - Guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jon Svetkey - Guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Josh Kantor - Accordian

Recorded and mixed by Dan Cantor for Notable Productions