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Brian Doser

Brian Doser has been making music, and helping other people make music, for over 30 years.  

By the time he started End Construction with Jim, Ellis and Jon, he was already an accomplished recording engineer and teacher.  He ran the studios at WERS-FM -- on whose airwaves pretty much every significant musical act of the late 80s/early 90s appeared -- supervising all of student audio engineers, teaching live mixing and digital editing.  He also engineered End Construction's "Resume Speed" CD at the WERS studios.  After End Construction, he took a hiatus from performing music regularly to concentrate on his teaching and engineering.  After leaving WERS, he worked with DigiDesign as a ProTools expert.  

In 2002, music came back into his life when his first son was born.  

Although he'd been a musician for most of his life, he didn't know about children's music.  After spending a couple of years listening to  lots of CDs from many different lands -- full of over-produced synthetic sounds, or choruses of children singing out of tune -- he realized that there was a plethora of amazingly bad song material out there.  When he happened upon the Great Harvest Bread Company on the very day their regular children's music singer needed to leave for a few months, he volunteered to fill in.  So Brian went home, started arranging all the songs his grandmother used to sing to him, and began his career as a children's entertainer.

Now it's almost 20 years later and Brian's career in children's music is thriving. His first CD, "Get Up and Dance" has been doing amazingly well and his second one is in the works.