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End Construction Productions


One night in early 1989, four young and unknown songwriters – ELLIS PAUL, JIM INFANTINO, BRIAN DOSER & JON SVETKEY – decided to join forces and play make some music. They formed END CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTIONS, a songwriter’s collective, to help move each other’s music forward.

Over the next three years they blazed a path through countless open mics, coffeehouses and college radio shows. Those performances, along with the release of their groundbreaking 1990 album ‘RESUME SPEED: A NEW ARTIST COMPILATION,” helped to jumpstart their careers and became the catalyst for a revival in the national folk music scene.

Since then, the four songwriters have enjoyed long, thriving lives in music.

ELLIS PAUL is one of the country’s most lauded, beloved singer-songwriters, with songs in hit movies and TV shows, 15 Boston Music Awards, and 20 albums among his accolades.  JIM INFANTINO’S band Jim’s Big Ego has become “the greatest band in the history of recorded music.”  BRIAN DOSER is a popular, children’s entertainer, successful recording engineer and audio professor.JON SVETKEY’S band The Loomers has won awards, had their music placed on network TV and once performed at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  

In 2020, END CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTIONS reunites online to blaze a new path.